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December News
Today is:

FullNet's 2006 Christmas Special!

First and foremost as we close out this year we at FullNet would like to say thank you for your business.† Now in the dial-up business for over a decade, we continue to feel honored for each customer that realizes our quality dial-up offering is the best available in Oklahoma.

We pride ourselves in providing you with the finest in service and customer assistance. With that in mind, we want to go a bit further and help you with Christmas gifts this year as well.† Building upon our already successful referral program, we are going to go one step more and let you offer FREE service to new customers!† For every new customer you refer to FullNet in the next 30 days, that customer will receive TWO FREE MONTHS immediately.† In addition, if they enjoy their two free months and remain a customer in month three, after they have paid their first invoice we will give you (as the referring customer) ONE MONTH FREE!† That's right:† Recommend FullNet to someone... they get two free months and you get one too!

Please keep in mind that this Christmas Special is only available to people that were referred to us by current customers.† This is not a promotion we can offer to someone that just calls us up out of the blue.† They only get the free service if they mention your name.

As always, if you have any questions or if there is anything else we can do to make your internet experience more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to drop us an email or give us a call.† We are here 24 hours a day to serve you!


Your FullNet Team

Can you see the beads of sweat on the basketball stars brow?

I can! This year we are fortunate enough to purchase an HDTV for the families viewing pleasure. But, should I get an LCD or Plasma? Should it be rear projection or reflective? Is DLP important? What about 1080i? Itís enough to make you go crazy unless you know how to do some shopping on the Internet.

The first step is to understand the various technologies, but how? I started at an old reliable site. http://www.howstuffworks.com

What type of TV is best suited for me?


Direct view TVís aka CRT


Plasma Displays


Liquid Crystal Display aka LCD


How projections Televisions work.


Last but not least once you have decided on the kind of TV you want how do you get the best price? The simple Answer is Google it! Cut and paste the TV description from the Amazon, Best Buy, Samclub or Circuit City site into http://www.google.com and see what pricing turns up. Or go to the next by Roger Baresel our President and see how best to shop pricing on the net!

One word of caution shipping on a large TV can be prohibitive. Online sellers often beat the local stores on the initial price quoted but by the time you add in shipping the prices are much closer.

Happy Channel Surfing
Merry Christmas!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Internet Based Help For Your Christmas Shopping

Comparison shopping sites have been around for years and offer a great way to make sure that you are getting a good deal when you shop the Internet. Here are a couple of our favorites to assist you with your last minute Christmas shopping!

Shopzilla at http://www.shopzilla.com, formerly BizRate.com, is one of the most powerful and easiest-to-use shopping search sites on the Web. Shopzilla also features powerful comparison tools and BizRate consumer reviews of stores and products, the Web's largest and most trusted consumer feedback network.

Shopping.com at http://www.shopping.com, a spin-off from eBay, is one of the pioneers of comparison shopping online. With millions of products, thousands of merchants, and millions of reviews, it gives you all the tools you need to make informed buying decisions.

A new player in shopping and comparison search, Become.com at http://www.become.com is a clean and focused solution that is easy and effective. It maintains an interesting position at the intersection of shopping and search. It has more flexibility to deliver shopping-flavored content than general search engines, and it has more technology to provide web-aware content than comparison shopping engines.

Merry Christmas From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel

Merry Christmas!

Let's have some on line fun with the kids for Christmas. We can offer a few suggestions. Did you know that every year NORAD tracks Santa Claus on its radar? Share this with the kids http://www.noradsanta.org/en/tracking.php and let them enjoy the chase.† If that doesn't impress them,let them chat with Santa live by going to http://www.chatwithsanta.com/register.php.

You can even have Santa send them a personal e-mail if you'll log onto http://www.cardsforfun.com/writesanta.shtml.† Or if you don't want them hogging all your computer time for fear of them seeing what you got them on ebay, have Santa send them a letter the old fashion way by going to http://www.budget101.com/LoveSanta.htm.

Or share a trivia game with them. How many answers can you find with them to the following questions?

    1. Does Rudolph have antlers?

    2. In the song "Jingle Bells" who was seated by my side?

    3. What do we call round or oval candies filled with fruit preserves or cream and covered with chocolate?

    4.†In what city did Miracle on 34th Street take place?

    5. What song contains the line "to see if reindeer really know how to fly?"

    6. What country is credited with creating eggnog?

    7. Who said, "God Bless Us, Every One!"?

    8. Who could have been thrown in jail for stealing Christmas?

    9. Including Rudolph, how many reindeer hooves are there?

    10. What were Frosty's last words?

    11. Who yelled "Stop!" to Frosty?

    12. According to the Gospels, how many Wise Men were there?

Well, you get the idea, have fun, enjoy yourselves and by the way the answers are:

    1. Yes

    2. Ms. Fannie Bright

    3. Sugar Plums

    4. New York

    5.†The Christmas Song

    6.†United States

    7.†Tiny Tim

    8.†The Grinch


    10. I'll be back again someday

    11.†The traffic cop

    12.†It doesn't say

Merry Christmas from FullNet Customer Service

John Secondi
Customer Service Manager

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