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October News
Today is:

Receiving Calls While Online!

One of the biggest complaints of dial-up customers has to be that they can't use their telephone or receive telephone calls while online. Over time several solutions have been developed to address this problem.

Allowing your telephone to ring while you are online using the Internet is somewhat complicated. One method is to purchase a “Call Waiting” modem, or a modem which is v.92 compliant. Each "Call Waiting" modem is generally v.9x compliant. With these types of modems, a telephone call received will ring even while you are online. You can then pick up the telephone and you will have anywhere from 7-30 seconds (up to 6 minutes with FullNet) to talk to the person before you get disconnected from the Internet. If you hang up before that time expires (depending on the modem) you can return to the Internet without being disconnected. Usually there isn't much to set up when using a “Call Waiting” modem, but because each one is different, you will need to consult the manual of your modem for instructions on using this feature.

To use the modem-on-hold feature of v.92 compliant modems, your Internet provider must also have v.92 compliant equipment. We recently spent over $250,000 to upgrade our network to provide you with the fastest and most dependable Internet access experience available and as a result every city in the FullNet Network is now V.92 compliant and has call waiting.  Many national providers charge as much as $4.00 extra per month for this feature while we have added it as a standard feature at no additional charge to our members! You can also allow telephone calls in by using a device such as the Emerson Switchboard. The Emerson Switchboard gives you the same features of a “Call Waiting” or v.92 compliant modem without having to replace your existing modem. The box gets hooked up to your modem, your computer, and also has jacks to plug in a telephone and fax machine as well. You can purchase the Emerson switchboard from various online vendors for between $30 and $40 dollars plus shipping.

FullNet currently offers V.92 compliant modems free when you purchase an annual account, plus you get a free month of service.  That's right 12 months of service for the price of 11 months and a free modem!

If you don't want to purchase an Annual Account we have V.92 modems that you can purchase for $26.68 (which includes shipping, handling and tax).  That's right, you get the call waiting features and the faster modem speeds for less than you would have paid for the Emerson box alone. Here is a link that you can learn more about V.92 and modem on hold software (MOH). /v92index.html

For more Information: Call: 1-877-385-5832 or email support@fullnet.net

I would also like to announce that Roger Baresel our CFO has been promoted to President here at FullNet.  Roger has been with us through some of most challenging times and it is my pleasure to have him on the FullNet team.

Roger will now have a monthly column in the Newsletter calling your attention to some interesting websites.

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder & CEO

Website of the Month

Beyond Weather.com is AccuWeather.com!

Find detailed weather forecasting and news at http://www.accuweather.com.  A ton of Doppler radar images show the weather in action.  Select our state, and the site gives you a static image or an animation for your area.  AccuWeather can also provide hour-by-hour forecasts over three days and up to a year’s worth of historical data.  You can sign up to receive email weather updates and storm alerts, or you can download a desktop application that provides current weather information and displays a personal radar screen.

Happy Surfing From Your Friends at FullNet!

Roger Baresel
President & CFO

Get to know your FullNet Staff!

Hello, FullNet Members:

My name is Michael Tomas and I am the VP of Technology. I started working here at FullNet in July of 1996 and actually started in the billing department.  I quickly moved to Technical Support and from there on to Systems Administrator.  As the FullNet network grew, I eventually became the head Network Administrator in charge of the entire dial-up network.  Recently I was promoted from that position to VP of Technology.

I currently have extensive experience (including several certifications) in:  Lucent 2.5G Lightwave equipment, Telica telephone switch, Cisco routers and switches, all Microsoft operating systems, USR Total Control equipment, numerous brands of modems, and much more.  I have been working with the technical side of FullNet for more than seven years.

I have been in a serious relationship with the love of my life going on 11 months now.  On the weekends you can find us working on the new house we are building, or you may also see me at the local Lowe's or Home Depot checking out their new products.

I enjoy being part of a team that is dedicated to providing you the best dial-up service in the state, and look forward to the continued improvements in our cutting edge technologies that will improve your Internet access experience.

Michael Tomas
VP of Technology
FullNet Communications

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