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A Personal Request From Our Founder and CEO Timothy Kilkenny

We Want To Hear From You!

Recently, I was asked by one of our staff if she could conduct a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” as a project for one of her college classes.  Some of you know Sherri in our accounting department.  It occurred to both of us that FullNet could benefit if the survey was completed by most of our members.  We can benefit from hearing from you, our valued members, and you can benefit by making suggestions and asking questions, as well as offering your opinions and observations.

FullNet is making this survey available to all our members.  All of you that reply will be heard and counted.  That’s it!  Absolutely no catches!  You see, here at FullNet, we really do want to hear from you.

Please take the time to complete our survey and help us better serve you!


Thank you for choosing FullNet!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder and CEO

Feeding On The Internet

Whether you are confused about how much fiber you need, wondering about the latest fad diet, or just trying to inspire your children to eat their leafy greens, the answer could be just a click away on the Web.

For information on the foods that fuel your body, check in with nutrition expert Susan Mitchell, better known as the no-nonsense Dr. Laura of the nutrition world.  No question is too esoteric for this up-front “diet realist”.  Every Monday, you can talk to her at YourHealth.Com, where Mrs. Mitchell takes your questions on topics ranging from the best cooking oils to proper nutrition for diabetics.

She states, “I tell people to focus on eating real food instead of processed and refined foods and to really watch the amount they consume.  Her best advice is “Take back control of the fork,” she says, admonishing folks to ditch “food guilt trips” and start eating right.  If you want to join, in log on Mondays at 5p.m. EST, or submit your questions any time.

If you’re into calculating your daily nutritional needs, visit:

  • Nutrio.com – Use the Food Analyzer to look up the nutritional content of the foods you eat.
  • Navigator.tufts.edu – An expert guide to nutrition Web sites, with dedicated sections for parents, kids and those on special diets.
  • Thriveonline.oxygen.com/nutrition – Features nutri-tools such as a body mass index calculator, vitamin guide and an “interactive salad bar” to help you figure out whether your green-leafy lunch is really healthful or just looks that way.
  • Nutritionfocus.com – A wealth of information on everything from the food pyramid to antioxidants as well as a comprehensive health-eating resource.

Don Turner
VP Marketing & Authorized Agent Sales

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