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December News
Today is:

The Year in Review

Anytime I sit to write an article about FullNet I am reminded of something a friend said to me, “Only write about things that will improve or enhance the member experience with FullNet; the rest they don’t care about.”  With that thought in mind, I want to review the things we have done this past year to add value to your Internet Experience.

We began the year by releasing the following news -

FullNet Accelerates Growth Through Acquisitions

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – FullNet Communications, Inc. (“FullNet”)(FULO – OTC Bulletin Board) today announced the execution of letters of intent to acquire substantially all of the assets of LawtonNET Communications and SONET Communications.  Both acquisitions are subject to the completion of due diligence reviews and the execution of definitive agreements.  Commenting on the acquisitions, founder and CEO, Timothy J. Kilkenny, said “We are pleased to have this opportunity to increase our subscriber base by almost 50% in such a cost effective manner.  This now gives us a very strong presence in the third largest market in Oklahoma and is a continuation of our strategy to consolidate local ISPs in Oklahoma, Arkansas and Kansas into the FullNet brand name.”

(That means if you travel we can provide local numbers in Lawton, Snyder and Roosevelt.)

In March the following was released to the press -

FullNet Completes $1.0 Million Telecommunications Co-Location Facility

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – FullNet Communications, Inc. (“FullNet”)(FULO – OTC Bulletin Board) today announced the completion of its new $1.0 million carrier-neutral co-location facility and corporate headquarters.

The 10,000 square foot facility is located in the Bank of Oklahoma Plaza building in downtown Oklahoma City and has an expandable high-speed fiber connection to the Southwestern Bell Central Office (“CO”) in downtown Oklahoma City, with conduit capacity expandable to carry in excess of 160 gigabits per second of digital information.  At those speeds, the connection could carry 10 million encyclopedia pages, 12.5 million phone calls or 20,000 songs in MP3 format per second.

Commenting on the facility, founder and CEO Timothy J. Kilkenny said “This facility gives us a significant competitive advantage due to our direct fiber connection to the CO, which provides for almost limitless capacity and the ability to connect to the many carriers having facilities there.  As a carrier-neutral location, we offer much needed flexibility to companies looking for quality co-location space without having to be locked into a specific carrier for their bandwidth.  However, since we do have both CLEC and ISP divisions, we can also offer a one provider solution to co-location, bandwidth and internet backbone requirements.”

(That means we have redundant power, air conditioning and bandwidth so that your Internet experience is not easily interrupted by power surges, weather, or clogged lines to the Internet)

In April the following news was released to the press -

FullNet Communications To Provide High-Speed Broadband DSL Access In 33 Oklahoma Communities

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – FullNet Communications, Inc. (“FullNet”)(FULO – OTC Bulletin Board) today announced the execution of an agreement with IP Communications, Inc. (www.ip.net) pursuant to which FullNet will roll out high-speed broadband DSL access in 33 Oklahoma Communities.  IP Communications is the only independent facilities-based broadband service provider reaching large, medium and small markets served by SBC and has the largest independent broadband network in Oklahoma, Texas, Kansas and Missouri.

FullNet, in partnership with IP Communications, will offer users a fast, always connected DSL line that eliminates the delays, busy signals and non-connects common to dial-up services.  With data transfer speeds up to 50 times faster than 28.8K modems, FullNet’s DSL solutions will be great solutions for business and residential users.

Commenting on the arrangement, founder and CEO Timothy J. Kilkenny said, “The importance of this strategic partnership to our future growth cannot be overestimated.  It allows us to implement a key component of our business plan with virtually no additional capital costs.”  FullNet will be able to help bridge the digital divide in Oklahoma communities that currently do not have access to high-speed broadband Internet access.

(That means we can provide you with DSL connectivity in 33 different communities in Oklahoma and several in Texas and Missouri)

In November we released the following to the press -

FullNet Expands Coverage Into Northeast Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA CITY, OK – FullNet Communications, Inc. (“FullNet”)(FULO – OTC Bulletin Board) today announced the acquisition of the Internet access customers and associated equipment of Northeast Rural Services, a subsidiary of Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative, Inc., operating under the Rectec brand name, in the Oklahoma cities of Adair, Jay, Pryor, Wyandotte, Leach, Colcord and Moseley.

Commenting on the acquisition, founder and CEO Timothy J. Kilkenny said, “This acquisition increases our dial-up customer base by in excess of 31% and represents a continuation of our commitment to bridge the digital divide in rural Oklahoma.”

(That means that you have 7 more communities in Oklahoma that can be a local dial-up access number for you if you travel or wish to refer family and friends to FullNet)

FullNet is a facilities-based Integrated Communications Provider headquartered in Oklahoma City, engaged in consumer and business Internet services, including 1) dial-up, DSL, dedicated and broadband wireless access, with customers in 32 communities in Oklahoma, and 2) web hosting, server co-location and telecommunications premise co-location, with customers throughout the United States and more than 40 foreign countries. For more information, visit the Company’s web site at www.fullnet.net.

Certain statements in this release may constitute “forward looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933, as amended, and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934, as amended.  Certain, but not necessarily all, of such forward looking statements can be identified by the use of forward looking terminology such as “anticipates,” “believes,” “expects,” “may,” “will,” or “should” or other variations thereon, or by discussions of strategies that involve risks and uncertainties.  The actual results of the Company or industry results may be materially different from any future results expressed or implied by such forward looking statements.

(That means we are staying in compliance with securities law as it relates to the dissemination of information J)

We have put in place a service that allows us to filter against violent and sexual content.  The filter is called Bess and you can subscribe by calling customer support.

We are currently working on a “spam” filter to reduce the unwanted email solicitations.  Right now I am trying out the service and we will release it to you by January of 2002.

I want to personally thank you for using FullNet.  I assure you that we are continuing to work diligently to merit your confidence.

The Warmest Season Greetings from me and the staff at FullNet to you and your family!!

Timothy J. Kilkenny
Founder and CEO

Holiday Shopping Online

When it comes to buying holiday gifts for kids, it is not always “the thought that counts.”  In some cases, you can actually spend more money on an item that they didn’t request, thinking that the more expensive item would be more welcome.  However, in most cases they are much happier with the item they asked for.  For better or worse, it seems most kids base their approval on the goods themselves.  That said, we have prepared a list of Web Sites for the some inside information with hopes that you can come out looking smarter than Santa Clause himself.

Where to Look

  • www.playdate2001.com - They offer lists for toys, brands, PC and video games, and even “hot toys to watch” – all with accompanying links to toy-makers’ web sites.

  • www.walmart.com & www.kbtoys.com - These sites harness the power of the Net by offering a regularly updated bestseller list.  On the KB Toys site, check the link under the “We Recommend” heading and you’ll find hundreds of hot-sellers listed by age, type of toy, and sorted by sales rank, price, or alphabetically.

  • www.shopping.yahoo.com/toys/ - Finally, shopping portals allow you to harness the accumulated knowledge of both toy sellers and toy shoppers.  For example, Yahoo! shopping has collected a group of product lines that are hot this year.  Check out Yahoo! Shopping Toys & Games for smartly organized pages on “Favorite Brands” (like Fisher-Price) and “Favorite Characters” (like Bob the Builder).

Smart Shopping:

Dare to Compare

With the economy going through a downturn, comparison-shopping sites gives you the upper hand in finding the lowest price.  With just a little bit of research on the Web, you’ll never again buy something one day and then see it at a lower price the next.  Here is a list of “comparison-shopping sites” that we hope will make Christmas a lot brighter and your pocketbook a little greener.

  • www.dealtime.com - Dealtime informs you if the merchant has the product in stock.

  • www.pricescan.com - Pricescan features a Price Trend Graph that shows price fluctuations over the past several months.

  • www.mysimon.com - My Simon presents in-depth merchant information, and detailed reviews.

  • www.yahoo.com - Finally, Yahoo! Shopping offers merchant rating (1 to 5 stars) and an “estimated best total price” feature, which calculates the tax and shipping into the final cost.  If the price is still too high, use the bargain-hunters friend, the Price Drop Alert, and receive an email alert when the price falls to your acceptable level.

We hope that this helps relieve some of the stress that is usually “present shopping” induced this time of the year.

Thank you for allowing us to be your Internet provider.  The staff and management of FullNet Communications, Inc. wish you a most joyous and safe Holiday Season.

Don Turner

VP Marketing & Authorized Agent Sales

   Copyright © 2015 FullNet Communications, Inc. All Rights Reserved.